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What is a paracord bracelet?


dday.jpgA paracord bracelet or a parachute cord was used by the military during World War II. The elasticity of the cord and its ability to withstand immense weight makes it a very useful tool back then. Nowadays, the use of the paracord has been made into bracelets used by many people who go on outdoor trips. It is a-must have in every survival kit. A woven paracord bracelet can be worn for those who seek adventures outdoors or who makes it a living for seeking animals and other plants outdoors. The use of the paracord bracelet is very handy and can be used in an emergency situation.

It is said that the inner fibres of the cord can be used to floss your teeth, this goes to people who have forgotten their toothbrush and their toothpaste during an outdoor trip. Also, it can be used if you got trapped in an isolated place. It can also be used as a snare to catch small animals and birds and can be used as a fishing tool as well.