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Survival Bracelet Instructions


1. Grab your cord, buckle, scissors, lighter and tape measure or ruler and you are ready to start.

2. Fold cord in half and feed middle of cord through the top of the buckle creating a small loop.

3. Pull top strands down through the loop and snug knot up to buckle. You should now be fixed to one end of the buckle and have two equal length stands hanging loose.

4. Feed loose ends through top of buckle and measure bracelet length (approximately 1” larger than wrist size). This bracelet measures 7 ½”. Always measure where buckle will meet up not end to end.

5. Flip left strand over the 2 core strands.

6. Take right strand and go over the left strand, under the 2 core strands and up through the loop between the left strand and the 2 core strands.

7. Loosely snug up knot being careful not to change length of bracelet. Alternating, now cross right strand over the 2 cores strands.

8. Left strand now goes over right strand, under the 2 core strands and up through the loop between the right strand and 2 core strands.

9. Now pull the knot tight and push it up to the buckle. This is a great time to double check the length of your bracelet.

10. Continue alternating knots. Check bracelet length. You can always go back and change the length of your bracelet before cutting the loose ends.

11. Cut loose ends close to bracelet, leaving a little hanging out to melt.

12. Carefully using the lighter melt the loose ends. Congratulations, you have now made your first Survival bracelet.